Greetings to all our new members! Hope to see you at the next Eat Club!

(Information about the next Eat Club is HERE)


Graphic: The EAT CLUB LOGO




 (Greetings to all our new members! Hope to see you at the next Eat Club!)

 Email me with your suggestions.

EAT CLUB is a monthly social gathering of gluttons from around the world.
No membership fee, just the joy of pigging out. We go to a different restaurant

every month, in alphabetical order by cuisine. A for Afghani food. 
B for Belgian., C for Chinese... Get it?


We're on our SEVENTH time around the alphabet. Yowsah!

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Don't forget: if you lose the details on your way, you can always get recorded
information from THE EAT CLUB LINE at 1-212-674-7018 (#2). (Put the
number in your cell phone!)

Also, LOOK AROUND IF YOU DON'T SEE US! Sometimes restaurants have
back rooms that are hard to spot. AND ASK, we'll usually tell a server that we're

Finally, WAIT A FEW MINUTES, we may be late... some restaurants don't take reservations, so they may not know we're coming!!  If you ask for
EAT CLUB and we're not there yet, you may get the profound answer of HUH?

Eat club is in no way affiliated with the ibec Language Institute. It is an open
organization. Anyone not horrible can attend. That means no one currently affiliated
with SONY, CompUSA or the Morgan Post Office facility is allowed.

Why leave Eat Club when you leave New York??? My friend Chad has started one in Knoxville. If you're going' to Tennessee, eat there!! Info is here.

This club is a hobby of Mykel Board. 

Last EAT CLUB News:



J-for JAMBALAYA!Crew at the great SOCO in Brooklyn

Hoooeeeey! I'm in love with this place!


We're on the SEVENTH TIME AROUND And we're keeping to the alphabet.
So, we return to:


Bourbon Selection

FOR Bourbon

That's KENTUCKY Bourbon to you, bud!

DATE: Sunday, September 24 at 6:53 pm

From all reports (and that includes JODY!) ... the BEST BOURBON BAR IN NY!


17 W 26th St
@ Fifth Ave.

Subway: R,W to 28th St.



Please let Mykel know if you're coming. Click here to send him an email.

Here's a map. Click on it for more details:

map to


Subway: R, W to 28 St.

(I know the links don't work so well, I'm working on it!)

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Eating is only half the story. You can (and should!)  also go to the DRINK CLUB page,

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